Tintimám "em colaboraçom" con Pel de Noz


PELdeNOZ is an instrumental duo from Ames (Galiza), formed by accordionist Alonso Caxade and double bassist Alberto Rodríguez. We work in a style we like to call Jazz&trad... means enjoying reshaping, freely enlivening melodies taken from the musical tradition of Galicia. We focus on vocal songs -popular songs and tunes extracted from different songbooks, such as Dorothe Schubarth’s-. We vary them, improvise on them and sprinkle them with other musical aesthetics’ strokes for which we also feel a great respect and admiration: jazz, swing, blues, soul, contemporary, tango and even rock&roll! The poetics of PELdeNOZ is almost like that of the Newtonian physics law, but applied to traditional galician vocal music... that’s the one: "it can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed" PELdeNOZ is about working with that transformation... .. ..Just to JazzUp the Trad!..

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