Arborea aplazan la gira por España y Portugal

El grupo promete retomar en breve las fechas perdidas y presentar su nuevo disco:

Hello, This is Buck and Shanti Curran of the American duo Arborea. We are writing with great apologies to the promoters and venues in Spain and Portugal to organize our shows at the end of October and early November of this year. Unfortunately and with Sincere regret, Arborea has to reschedule our tour due to unexpected complications at home, and also child care issues that are going to keep us here in Maine until the end of November. However, Shanti and I are very anxious to return to Spain and Portugal to perform as we both feel you have the very best music listeners in the whole of the world and we are both committed to touring your countries again very soon. Our tours in December of 2008, and January and February of 2010 were truly Amazing Thanks to all people that supported the shows. The Good news is that we also have a new album titled Red Planet, due out in early 2011. We’d like to make touring in Spain and Portugal our First priority ....

Thank You for all your support and Thanks for listening!

Sincerely, Buck and Shanti Curran/Arborea

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